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selection interview

As Watson said, Booker should have a lot more breathing room and open shots. Those contested shots should really drop, so he should see a noticeable increase in his efficiency. He should see close to a five-point bump in true shooting percentage and he could get closer to 45 percent from the field overall. The other factor here would be a trade of Knight or Bledsoe. seeThe Suns are going to see if they can make it work with three impact guards for now. Of course, Suns fans know this didn’t work out last time with Bledsoe, Isaiah Thomas and Goran Dragic. Still, with three potential impact players taken in the last two drafts, Booker, Dragan Bender and Marquese Chriss, they might want to try to add another draft pick in a deeper draft for 2017. The bottom line on Booker for fantasy is hell probably be a bit over-drafted. I love Booker long term, but its going to be hard to pick a guy before 100 in nine-category leagues.

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selection interview

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