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Martellus commented on their tag-team matches against schoolyard bullies: It was never one-on-one If you fought Michael, Id appear out of the smoke like Batman. Mixed in with the whirlwind of witticisms is a heart-wrenching story from their youth which was the only time the brothers felt isolated from each other, when Michael was hospitalized for several months. It only makes you like Martellus and, yes, his brother, even more. When you get such a large dose of Michaels vibrant personality, its hard not to leave the story beaming about both of them. Martellus summed up his and his brothers personalities and how warped the NFL and most of its players are when it comes to being themselves in public. And it reaffirms that the robotic, cliche-riddled athletes that permeate all pro sports are the odd ones, not them. They think its weird that were ourselves, he said. I think its weird that youre trying to be something youre not. How in the world is this guy on the Patriots? Thankfully, for the sake of our entertainment and his own happiness, the Patriots appear to be letting Martellus be Martellus. And thus, the world is a better place. Dolloff is a writer for

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