An Updated Introduction To Secrets For National Health Service

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(WGNO) -Humana has partnered with the National Parks Service in an effort to encourage peopleto engage with nature more. There are over 400 national parks in the country that Dr. Laura Trunksaysare proven to provide health benefits. “We understand that there are huge health benefits, both from physical and mental aspects of their health, as well as social well-being for individuals to go out and engage with nature,” Trunk says. According to a recent study, America’s nature engagement levels are low. Through virtual reality headsets, you can take a stroll through Yosemite and Joshua Tree, seeing all that those parks have to offer. The headset even simulates you walking with other people, or snowshoeing, providing facts about how those exercises improve cardiovascular health. “For some of our seniors that are unable to go out and physically walk the park, they can still get the experience through the virtual reality tool,” Trunk said. “You feel just like you’re in the park you have the sights and sounds of the park, so we’re doing that to both encourage individuals who can get out to the park to go out and get in touch with nature, and for those that really are unable to due to physical limitations, or age, or both to experience what the parks are like. They’re one of our national treasures.” There are two national parks right in our own backyard! Jean Lafitte on the West Bank is a well-known one, as well as the New Orleans Jazz park, located at the old U.S Mint in the French Quarter.

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