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================================================================================ Linda Ezergailis, TD Securities – Analyst [2] ——————————————————————————– Maybe I can just start off with a question that might not be the most important one, but certainly I’m a bit curious about. Can you help us understand the business case for building a co-gen at Redwater, given where power prices are, and appear to be for the next little while? Is it a reliability consideration, or a real cost consideration, or can you walk us through your logic? ——————————————————————————– Mick Dilger, Pembina Pipeline Corporation – President & CEO [3] ——————————————————————————– Yes, certainly. It is quite simple. We just see the transmission costs increasing over the next number of years in the province, and with the discontinuance of coal, we believe prices are going to go up. Many of our customers are of like mind, and wish to capture those savings. And when the dust settles, we think that this asset will be at least half if not more fee for service. And we think it’s a good bet to take the spark spreads on the balance. Linda, of note, we already have a co-gen in that area that services ROF and RSI.

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selection process

Professional Conference and Campus Recruiting Conference and campus recruiting events are a great way to market OCR and your department and provide you with an opportunity to network with potential qualified candidates for current and future openings. their websiteResume banks are another good source for identifying qualified candidates. Therefore, the various tasks required to successfully accomplish the essential function should be identified and described. Additional Advertising Resources A variety of recruiting sources both internally and externally should be utilized to attract candidates who reflect the diversity OCR values in its workforce. Some candidates may provide or withhold information that raises concerns or issues that should be investigated more fully in your questioning. Give people time to express themselves. … The employee selection process can also include testing before a candidate is actually hired. Give a time frame e.g., “We expect the interview to last about 30 minutes and have questions for you”.

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