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Reach out, says Skywalker. check over hereWhat do you see? Light, replies Rey. Darkness the balance. It certainly looks as though bringing balance to the Force is going to be a big part of the sequel trilogy but what exactly does that mean? Do the Jedi win? Are the Sith eradicated? Or should there be a far more balanced solution? Skywalker hints that its more complicated than it seems. Rey arrives on Skywalker island Credit: Lucasfilm More But soon enough, were diving right into the action with some epic space fights, a hangar explosion which nearly gets Poe Dameron, and another cool glimpse of the Millennium Falcon in action. Excellent stuff but then comes the kicker. I only know one truth, Skywalker tells Rey.

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He decided to move to Denver when Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use. (Weed sales didnt begin until 2014 in either state.) Legal cannabis is now a $6 billion industry in the U.S., and analysts expect it to be worth $50 billion by 2026. Pot legalization in Colorado has increased the amount of money coming into state coffers, legal pot opponent and former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter acknowledged in an interview with Yahoo Finance. Still, Ritter believes the state Legislature rather than the voters should have decided whether to legalize pot. We did this through our constitution. We didnt write a piece of legislation that could really deal with all the issues. It was passed by the voters in the constitution. It was like using a blunt force instrument to try and do this when we should have been using surgical instruments, he said. Ritter isnt alone in opposing marijuana legalization. Just over 53 percent of Coloradans voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana, which mirrors the countrys divide overall.

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online training for medical interview

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